CPI Malibu Division to Provide Airborne Data Links for RQ-4 Global Hawk UAS

The Malibu Division of Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI) has been selected by an international defense technologies company to provide airborne data links for the RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aircraft system (UAS). CPI Malibu Division is providing dual-axis Ku-band high-gain airborne data links for the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) version of the Global Hawk.

Intended to operate autonomously, the high-altitude, long-endurance Global Hawk uses a satellite data link to transmit data and images between the UAS and the ground-based mission control, enabling military commanders to gather near real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) information. CPI Malibu Division's advanced data link antennas are an integral part of Global Hawk's ISR systems, supporting situational awareness in a network-centric battle-space.

"CPI Malibu Division's AT-23 dual-axis airborne data link antennas have high-gain capabilities and can operate at extremely low temperatures, which are essential features for the unique challenges associated with the nature and mission of the RQ-4 Global Hawk," said Steve Lonngren, president of CPI Malibu Division. "We are proud to play a role in providing critical intelligence to today's warfighters and to add the RQ-4 Global Hawk to the growing list of UAS systems that CPI Malibu Division supports."

CPI Malibu Division currently provides both single and dual-axis airborne, high-precision auto-tracking ground data terminals and satellite/line-of-sight (LOS) shipboard communications systems operating at Ku-band to support a number of UAS platforms.

About Communications & Power Industries LLC

Communications & Power Industries LLC, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is a subsidiary of CPI International Holding Corp. and CPI International, Inc. and a leading provider of microwave, radio frequency, power and control solutions for critical defense, communications, medical, scientific and other applications. Communications & Power Industries LLC develops, manufactures and distributes products used to generate, amplify, transmit and receive high-power/high-frequency microwave and radio frequency signals and/or provide power and control for various applications. End-use applications of these systems include the transmission of radar signals for navigation and location; transmission of deception signals for electronic countermeasures; transmission and amplification of voice, data and video signals for broadcasting, Internet and other types of commercial and military communications; providing power and control for medical diagnostic imaging; and generating microwave energy for radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer and for various industrial and scientific applications.

Source: http://www.cpii.com/

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