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Ohio Laser Opens New Robotic Cutting and Welding facility

Ohio Laser has established a new facility in their ISO-9001:2008 production campus. The new facility includes the latest 3000 watt Trumpf Tubematic 5000 system, a 3000 watt Trumpf Tubematic 5000 system, a raw material storeroom and a 10 ton overhead crane for quickly transporting the materials all through the new facility.

This separate building enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) to competently optimize their pipes and tubes production at a single location. Fabricating services offered at the new facility include robotic tube welding, CNC tube bending and manual and machining welding to handle all categories of pipes, metals and tubes.

In the new facility, tube cutting operations feature cutting of 10" round tubes and 8" square tubes with exterior dimensions measuring 0.6". The company provides laser tube cutting of tubes measuring a maximum length of 30', weight of 500 pounds with a maximum wall thickness of 0.5".

OEMs can make use of JIT service and metal manufacture and engineering expertise of Ohio laser to enhance their production methods with pipes and tubes.

The tube processing facility of the company provides enhanced competence in manufacturing racks, trusses, frames or any object developed from cut tubes and metals to the OEMS. Laser tube cutting benefits several products like sign frames, industrial tables, racking systems, railing and playground and exercise equipment.

Laser tube cutting methods are more beneficial when compared to traditional tube cutting procedures. Robotic cutting methods lowers manufacture expenses by replacing several operations like sawing, drilling and milling involved in traditional tube fabrication by a single automated method. Laser tube cutting can deal with several profile types like cutouts, slots, hooks and holes, which otherwise would reduce clamping and weld tooling.


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