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BioRobotics Signs Agreement with Health Robotics

BioRobotics, a major provider of medical robotics in the Republic of Korea, has signed an agreement with Health Robotics, a major supplier of robots for IV medications worldwide, for shipping i.v.STATION and i.v.SOFT. These robots can provide automated sterile compounding of intravenous medications, and the first i.v.STATION robot is expected to be installed by December 2010.


This contract was represented by Bum Kyo Lee, BioRobotics and Gaspar DeViedma’s CEO, Health Robotics' Executive Vice President. This partnership has enabled Health Robotics to offer uninterrupted IV Automation solutions and complete its marketing for this product in mainland Asia.

i.v.STATION is scalable since it can adapt to increased demands. Other features include ISO certification, fail-safe nature of the entire structure, life-critical patient safety, robotic precision and performance. i.v.SOFT when combined with i.v.STATION or CytoCare enables to compound and manage safe and efficient production of I.V. Admixtures towards Laminar Airflow Hoods.


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