RAN-DEE Founder to Present at Nevada Unmanned Systems Business Expo 2014

Nevada Unmanned Systems 2014 – RAN-DEE today announced that Dr. Dee M. Larcheveque, Founder, spoke to the General Assembly at the Nevada Unmanned Systems Business Expo 2014 in Las Vegas on September 11, 2014 from 9:20 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. Pacific Time. Dr. Dee's presentation, "Business Solutions and Drone Publicity," took center stage after the opening keynote and showcased an optimistic attitude for the unmanned systems industry.

"Cow Copter," not drones; let's find a way to rename drones. Let the cute cow fly and help the rancher. (PRNewsFoto/RAN-DEE)

The presentation focused on how the word "drone" has developed a negative stigma and offered encouragement to change the tide with positive solutions by making people more efficient and productive. OVERCOME THE FEAR FACTOR.

Overcome the "dronophobia" Fear of Drones. See the cow copter fly.

Keith Rogers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal captures Dr. Dee's speech and personal reflection on how drones could have potentially aided emergency workers on September 11, 2001 in "9/11 thought: If we only would have had drones."

RAN-DEE is a Reno, Nevada based company which we have been proud to operate for the last 4 years. We work on collaborative efforts for our clients' needs in the world of technology. We work one on one with our clients and have launched "Cow Copter," our signature unmanned system that complements your eyes on the ground with eyes in the sky. We meld together the visual with the data analysis that allows you to manage your needs as farmer or conservationist. View the "Cow Copter" in action here: http://vimeo.com/105772589.

We bring our varied backgrounds to create an evolution of the robotics and use them responsibly and creatively. RAN-DEE also offers the latest 3D printing for your part replacement and makes use of off the shelf parts. We are both the manufacturer and the program designer of your unmanned craft.

Primary collaborating founders Dr. Dee, the ER doc, and the computer engineer Randy Pressley formed a unique solution which is practical and easy to use for nanotech and flying experts but also answers questions. Kestrelfindme.com offers easy-to-fly copters with the latest technology and the customized software to answer the questions that search and rescuers, law enforcement, and agribusiness men have. Where is the missing hiker? Where and how are the cows, sheep, and horses? Just like a kestrel, it will find its prey.

The copter is small in size but big in results; the key to the flight is the programing and the training. We conform to current FAA standards and are eco-friendly.

RAN-DEE works on making your small or large needs our priority. We bring our varied backgrounds to create an evolution of the robotics to use them responsibly and creatively.

Source: http://www.kestrelfindme.com/

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