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Robomow Introduces New Features in Robotic Lawn Mowers

Technology seems to be everywhere today, except perhaps in the yard, where most people still struggle to push heavy, gas-powered lawn mowers on a hot weekend afternoon when they’d rather be relaxing.

But Robomow® is changing that with its line of robotic lawn mowers.

Robomow's RS622 can cut lawns up to a half-acre (Photo: Business Wire)

The mowers are extremely popular in Europe; in fact Robomow is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. But people in the U.S. are just now starting to embrace this state-of-the-art technology.

How it works

Robomow mowers use electric motors so they’re environmentally friendly; they also mulch grass and recycle clippings back into the lawn. Initial setup includes setting up a zone or zones in the yard with a perimeter wire that is pegged down or buried; the robot mows within those areas. Robomow stays in its charging base until it’s time to mow; the user sets the mow times or can even operate the mower from an app on their smart phone. The mowers are so quiet that they can even be programmed to operate at night.


Safety is a major focus in the development process, and each Robomow mower is equipped with several safety features and sensors, including contact sensing, tilt sensing, child lock, a fully-enclosed and protected blade, and an emergency stop button. Robomow mowers have sensors or bumpers that react to contact with an object by stopping the blade and turning to a different direction.

New features for 2015

All Robomow mowers are now equipped with GSM technology that allows the company to diagnose and address maintenance issues – before they happen. Each mower will send telemetry data back to the company; if an abnormality is found – say a motor is going out – the company will automatically send a replacement part to the owner (within the warranty) or contact the owner regarding the issue (out of warranty).

Robomow mowers are available in five models covering all yards up to one acre. To learn more or purchase, visit or call toll free 1-844-Robomow (1-844-762-6669).


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