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NASA Places Additional Order for Medigus' Micro ScoutCam for Robotic Refueling Mission

Medigus Ltd., a medical device company developing minimally invasive endosurgical tools and a leader in direct visualization technology, announced today that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has awarded them with an additional supply order of Medigus' micro ScoutCamTM technology, consisting of specially designed miniature video cameras and advance video processing equipment, for use on NASA's Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM).

The RRM is an experiment on the International Space Station (ISS) that has been demonstrating tools, technologies and techniques for on-orbit satellite servicing since 2011.

"We are extremely proud of this achievement, which was made possible by the company's vast experience in the field of miniature video cameras and video processing technologies, as well as its extensive know-how in the field of medical endoscopy," said Chris Rowland, CEO, Medigus.

Medigus' micro ScoutCamTM 1.2, at a mere 1.2mm diameter in size, is already being utilized as the borescope camera on NASA's Visual Inspection Poseable Invertebrate Robot (VIPIR) tool. VIPIR is a robotic, maneuverable, borescope inspection tool that is designed to provide unique visual inspection capabilities in space and is being tested as part of the RRM. VIPIR was launched to the International Space Station in July 2014 on board the European Space Agency's Automated Transfer Vehicle 5. NASA conducted RRM experiment operations on ISS with the tool in May 2015.

Pursuant to the order, Medigus will develop specially designed cameras, with a CMOS sensor, based on NASA's specifications. Medigus will supply NASA with the specially designed cameras for implementation on the next generation of the VIPIR.

"It is quite an accomplishment to have secured an additional contract with NASA," said Yaron Silberman, VP Sales and Marketing, Medigus. "It comes after NASA tested the robustness of our previously supplied camera in space, and we take it as a testament to NASA's satisfaction with the quality of Medigus' products."  "We look forward to continuing our work with NASA's talented team and tailoring our micro ScoutCamTM technology to their specifications," he added.

micro ScoutCamTM technology provides versatility and is supported by key features including its miniature size, remarkable image quality, state of the art customizable optics, waterproof materials, and its adaptability in extreme temperatures. It can be tailored for both medical and industrial applications.


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