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CES 2011 Includes MuRata’s Robots

MuRata showcased MuRata boy robot and MuRata girl robot at the CES 2011, which was held in Las Vegas. Both the bicycle and unicycle can be ridden by these robots.

Murata Girl Robot

The height of the MuRata Boy robot is 50cm. It includes a series of gadgets, facilitating smooth movement across a flat surface without colliding with objects found on its way. Multiple gyroscopes prevent the robot from falling over while riding the cycle.

The weight of the Murata girl robot is 6 kg and is advanced when compared to the other robot. She can ride a unicycle even along a thin beam.

Both these robots feature ultrasonic sensors enabling them to avoid crashes. The company has mentioned that the robots are archetypes showcasing their abilities and are not meant for sale.


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