Vuzix, NTT DATA Develop Remote Field Service System Using Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

Vuzix® Corporation, a leading supplier of video eyewear and smart glasses products in the consumer, enterprise and entertainment markets, today announced that in partnership with NTT DATA, it has developed a remote field service system using Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses.

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses Support NTT DATA's Remote Field Service System

NTT DATA, one of the world's largest telecommunications and IT services companies, launched a pilot of the remote support system at its headquarters in early August of 2015.

By utilizing Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses, corporations such as NTT DATA and others can reduce at-site costs and minimize the potential for error by allowing remote monitoring of work being conducted in the field. For example, with a remote service system, a senior engineer can oversee the status and results of work being done at a remote location. During the pilot that NTT DATA conducted, a senior engineer was able to continuously monitor the remote site by sharing the point of view (POV) of a technician working on-site who was wearing the M100 Smart Glasses. Not only was the senior engineer able to share the technician's POV, he was also able to provide immediate instruction in real-time using an overlaid augmented reality (AR) marker that can be seen on the technicians POV.

Following the successful pilot, NTT DATA officially launched the system on August 31, 2015. NTT DATA management expects remote support service to reduce operating costs incurred in the field and to increase worker productivity. NTT DATA intends to expand the use of the system throughout its operations, including at international worksites in China, India, North America and Europe. The company anticipates full implementation of their remote support system for sale to third party customers by March of 2016.

Without the remote support system, NTT DATA required at least two engineers to remain at the worksite to oversee operations in order to ensure quality control. This redundancy resulted in higher operating costs and taxed an already over-burdened senior engineering staff, significantly reducing productivity. During the pilot, the use of the Vuzix M100-enabled remote support service improved productivity, worker efficiency, safety and accuracy and minimized work stoppage. Using the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses enabled the technician to continue working and access a user manual via the internet and view it on the M100 display. The technician was also able to dictate memos or notes using the M100's built-in microphone and even to take pictures in a hands-free manner using the M100's camera, which can also record video and audio.  The technician was able to provide status reports to a senior engineer at another location via the internet and to seek assistance in order to trouble shoot problems together.

The senior engineer was able to check the status of ongoing work through the photos, videos and voice data. He was also able to provide commentary in real-time and mark-up photos taken on site. The technician was then able to view the mark-ups on his display via the M100's AR technology.

Features of the remote field service include:

Intuitive User Interface The smart glasses are user friendly and have an intuitive and precise user interface that allows hands-free access of the internet to input data or obtain instructions. By using voice recognition, gyro commands, and gestures; the smart glasses can be operated in a hands-free manner without the need of manual input through a keyboard.

Device compatible The system works on any Android device. If hands free operation is required, it is best to use the M100 Smart Glasses. If a larger display is needed, the system is compatible with a smart phone or tablet.

Enables access by multiple users The screen and monitor can be accessed by multiple technicians and senior engineers simultaneously. This allows a senior engineer to support several technicians at the same time. It also allows the technician to seek support from multiple senior engineers with different areas of expertise.

NTT DATA intends to make the system available to its clients who require remote maintenance or hands-free solutions. NTT DATA is exhibiting and demonstrating this remote field service system using wearable devices on September 7-8 at the Tokyo Wearable Tech Expo 2015.


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