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Sharp’s RoBoHoN Robot with Integrated Smartphone Functionality Utilizes PicoP Display Technology

MicroVision, Inc., a leader in innovative ultra-miniature projection display technology, today announced that its PicoP® display technology is at the heart of the projected display in Sharp’s new RoBoHoN robot with integrated smartphone functionality. This innovative product was launched today at CEATEC Japan 2015.

MicroVision has been collaborating with Sharp, a Fortune Global 500 company, since 2014 to design a display engine based on MicroVision’s patented PicoP® display technology for the specific needs of Sharp’s Mobile Robot Phone product. The teams addressed a unique set of requirements and form factor challenges to give the robot the ability to project information onto any surface from short distances.

“Sharp’s innovative, bold vision of the future transcends the traditional idea of what mobility products look and feel like. We are extremely proud to have partnered with such an innovator on this Mobile Robot Phone product,” said Alexander Tokman, president and CEO of MicroVision. “When the Sharp team came to us with the challenge of developing a display engine to suit this innovative product, we were eager to demonstrate that PicoP display technology could be adapted to this new and exciting application that has a projected display and smartphone capabilities.”

PicoP display technology’s always in focus, HD resolution and large, laser bright projected display were essential features for RoBoHoN to be able to respond to commands with a visual display on a variety of surfaces. MicroVision’s patented approach to laser beam scanning delivers all of these capabilities from a compact and low power display engine. This combination of performance and tiny size was essential for Sharp’s product.

Robots are future-looking products that need to encompass cutting-edge technology. MicroVision’s PicoP display technology’s inclusion as an integral feature of RoBoHoN is an excellent case study in the versatility of this patented solution. It also speaks to MicroVision’s capabilities in supporting its customers with the advanced display solutions needed for products of the future.

Sharp is demonstrating RoBoHoN at its CEATEC booth, Hall 1, 1L11 which is part of the Lifestyle and Society area, October 7 through 10. MicroVision is also exhibiting at CEATEC on October 7 and 8 in the NEXT Innovation Area, booth 4N65-40A. Sharp has indicated that the product is expected to be available in Japan in the first half of 2016.


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