Universal Robotics Receives Patent from WIPO

Universal Robotics has received patent from World Intellectual Property Organization for ‘System and Method for Automatic Calibration of Stereo Images’.

WIPO has published an abstract highlighting on a system and method of enabling a computer to determine calibration parameters automatically for performing precise stereopsis. The current innovation enables calibration of two or more cameras with unfamiliar factors. The calibration is performed with respect to either a robot or robotic adjuncts like articulated robotic arm along with a source of light that can be switched on and off.

Two cameras are placed and focused for offering stereoptic coverage of the workspace of the robot. The methodology finds out the direction and placement of the cameras with respect to a robot, optical centers, focal lengths, intrinsic factors like distortion coefficient of every camera. All these are performed automatically from an array of familiar positions of the robot arm as well as a group of images obtained from the robot arm’s left and right cameras in every position as the light is switched on and off.

Source: http://www.universalrobotics.com


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