Drone Aviation's WATT-300 Tethered Drone Qualifies FAA-Approved Nighttime Operational Flight Test

Drone Aviation Holding Corp. ("DAC" or "Drone Aviation"), a manufacturer of tethered drones and lighter-than-air aerostats today announced that in collaboration with The Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Tech (VTMAAP) and Aviation Systems Engineering Company (ASEC), Inc., the Company has successfully completed an FAA-approved nighttime commercial tethered drone operational flight test. The test was designed to evaluate the use of a tethered drone and advanced optical systems to provide persistent, large venue and facility monitoring and security at night.

Drone Aviation's WATT Tethered Drone

The WATT-300 tethered drone was flown with a gimbaled, dual electro-optical/infrared camera to test persistent, tethered nighttime research objectives. During flights conducted at two locations, the WATT was flown to an altitude of 150 feet by an ASEC pilot under supervision of VTMAAP personnel. Due to its tether and self-contained ground control station, the independent camera operator had complete control over the dual electro-optical infrared camera system, switching between the stabilized, high-zoom optics and the infrared camera after sunset.

"Successful flight tests such as this recently completed night operation reconfirms our belief that the WATT and its unique tether technology will make a significant impact on the commercial drone marketplace because of its unmatched ability to provide persistent monitoring day or night while utilizing the most sophisticated optical camera systems," said Jay Nussbaum, Chairman of Drone Aviation Holding Corp. "We look forward to the opportunity to continue to work with industry partners to assist them in exploring how our tethered drones can be successfully integrated into their programs."

Brent Klavon, ASEC's Pilot in Command to the night time flight test, commented, "It was exciting to be the pilot for a project that advances safe, compliant drone operations and in this case, a successful night flight."

The WATT is the Company's first commercial-grade, turn-key electric tethered drone designed to provide secure and reliable aerial monitoring for extended durations utilizing a high strength armored tether connected to the ground. Unlike "hobbycraft" drones, WATT is uniquely suited for a wide number of news gathering, industrial and emergency response applications where manned aircraft and even free-flying drones are unable to deliver the long flight duration and commercial grade real-time day or night video monitoring capabilities needed.

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