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Validic, Omnicom Provide Strategies to Integrate Data from Wearables and Clinical Remote Monitoring Devices

Validic, the healthcare industry's leading digital health platform, and Omnicom Health Group, a leading global communications and healthcare strategy organization, have announced a partnership to counsel healthcare companies on the connected health market and to develop new solutions that integrate data from wearables, apps and clinical remote monitoring devices. With this partnership, Validic and Omnicom will provide strategies and technologies to healthcare organizations that enable them to innovate and streamline go-to-market plans for communications and patient engagement initiatives.

As healthcare companies continue on the path toward value-based care, part of building a holistic and sustainable connected health strategy includes accessing patient-generated health data from wearables, in-home clinical devices and consumer health applications to effectively communicate and engage with patient populations. Patient-generated health data is proving to be critical to the future of medicine and medical research. Hospitals, health systems, pharmaceutical companies, and life sciences are all trying to quickly launch effective, comprehensive engagement and remote monitoring strategies to better monitor, diagnosis and treat patients. Validic and Omnicom are jointly-committed to educating the market on the business strategies and technical solutions needed to accelerate value-based care initiatives.

Omnicom Health Group works with hundreds of clients in 55 countries to help them discover, utilize and implement technology, build strategic and technical partnerships, and solve clients' healthcare information and communications challenges. Among these challenges is developing strategies and solutions to address the meaningful use of data from wearables and other remote monitoring devices in clinical research studies, trials and care. Validic's best-in-class platform solves the technical challenges associated with data integration and standardization by enabling easy, convenient and secure access to patient data from over 280 applications and devices. Working with hundreds of clients totaling a population reach of 223 million throughout 47 countries, Validic remains the de facto standard in healthcare data access globally. Together Omnicom and Validic will provide strategic guidance and technical solutions to help pharma, providers and health IT quickly improve patient communication, education and engagement leveraging remotely-collected digital health data.

"With new connected health devices introduced daily, we, and our global clients, recognize that digital communications and solutions are more impactful leveraging actionable patient data," said Jo Ann Saitta, Chief Digital Officer, Omnicom Health Group. "As a scalable, device-agonistic platform, Validic enables us to create and integrate solutions leveraging data so that we can better counsel our clients and guide their connected health communication strategies."

Evidence solidifying the necessity of remotely-collected patient data in healthcare and pharma is steadily being accumulated across the industries. Today, pharmaceutical companies are leveraging remotely-collected patient data to help improve strategies and efficiencies in subject recruitment, remote patient monitoring, post-marketing research, and patient communities. Data from these digital health technologies are improving clinical trial processes, streamlining timelines and better engaging participants throughout the duration of the study. For providers and health systems, access to this patient-generated data is helping them better manage and monitor the health of their populations, enhance patient engagement solutions, improve discharge programs and outcomes, and strengthen clinical business intelligence and analytics tools.

"Omnicom Health Group brings decades of experience communicating with various healthcare stakeholders including patients, physicians, providers and payers," said Chris Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer at Validic. "We are excited to be working with Omnicom, as they have a proven track record of helping major industry brands leverage healthcare technology in creative and impactful ways. These global clients will benefit from Validic's single connection point to immediately access digital health data created from hundreds of in-home clinical devices, wearables, and applications. This access to secure patient data will fuel their digital health strategic initiatives as it has with hundreds of our clients across the globe."

Validic will be featured at the Lions Health Omnicom Health Group Med Tech Expo in Cannes, France 18-19 June, where they will share expanded product offerings and discuss the impact of biometric data on healthcare communications and the delivery of care. More on the event here:


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