Kimera Develops First-Ever Artificial General Intelligence

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The first-ever commercial human-like intelligence technology has been launched by Kimera systems. The artificial general intelligence (AGI) began observing people and learning from their behavior, much like humans would, with Nigel-enabled devices.

Work on the single-algorithm, federated perspective to artificial intelligence, was started by Shita in the year 2005 and the company, Kimera System was established in 2012. The technology was named Nigel in the honor of its principle designer and famous wireless technology expert, Nigel Deighton who died in 2013.

Kimera has demonstrated the AGI’s ability to learn and respond to numerous contexts and circumstances. This major advancement in the field of artificial intelligence has come for the commercial deployment decades before experts predictions.

Nigel is the result of years of design, development and tests and has reached the stage where it has been given to a select set of private beta users to help the technology collect information and start to learn in the real world. A public beta will be given in the near future.

There are billions of connected devices and objects people call ‘smart,’ but ‘smart’ does not include comprehension. Personal assistant apps found on most smartphones are ‘smart’ but have limited utility because they are programmed to react in specific ways, and are constrained by this programming. You cannot ask your smartphone ‘is everyone there?’ and expect it to give you an answer relevant to your situation at that moment. Because Nigel will understand this question, it can give you a meaningful answer.

Mounir Shita, CEO, Kimera

From Smart to Intelligent

Nigel uses a new technique where it combines a wide range of soft and hard sensor data. Through this the AGI gains a moment-to-moment awareness of the context, which then enables it to learn from and apply the learned knowledge to real-life circumstances.

Nigel uses a constantly growing, neural network, the nodes of which can reach all types of connected devices, in place of a knowledge bank or centralized brain, for learning. With an increase in the use Nigel-enabled devices and apps, the technology’s comprehension of various concepts increases, enabling it to recognize the needs of its users based on the information gathered from their calendar, contacts, location, environment, time of the day and other such things.

Not Just Theory

A test conducted earlier showed Nigel’s unique ability to help people solve problems and achieve goals. Nigel technology had been installed in the phones of all the attendees of a particular meeting. A particular attendee was running late, and had texted his fellow attendee a message saying, “is everyone there?”

The recipient of the message had, however, put his phone on silent mode and did not see the message. Nigel was able to see the data from the calendar and location of all the attendees, and hence comprehended the question in its context and reply with a message reading “everyone is here except you” to the attendee who was late.

In another test conducted at a Super Mobility Week expo at Las Vegas, Nigel deduced if a person had a particular sensitivity or preference of food. If someone paused in front of a restaurant to check it out, without prompt Nigel would gather and send a filtered menu of the place to the person’s smartphone. The menu would show only items that match the person’s food preference as learnt and deduced by Nigel.

Privacy is Paramount

The data that is collected by Nigel are stored, after encryption, and do not go beyond the “personal cloud”, where it is stored and remains in the control of the person. These personal clouds are not revealed to anyone, including other personal clouds and Kimera Systems.

Kimera is joining hands with device manufactures, network operators and app developers to incorporate Nigel and create an ecosystem that has a significantly increased end-user value than any available now.

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