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Orange Park Medical Center Surgeons Perform Robot-Assisted Lobectomy

Surgeons at the Orange Park Medical Center have performed the first ever robotic Lobectomy in North Florida and South Georgia. The team was headed by Nathan Bates, cardiothoracic surgeon.

da Vinci Robot

The surgeon made three minor incisions, each measuring 8mm on the patient’s chest. Through these incisions, robotic surgical devices and a small high-definition camera were included inside the patient’s body. The camera system will enable the surgeon to view the inner anatomical structures.

The conventional surgical method for opening the chest and removing a small part of a lung is termed as thoracotomy. But this method involves major post-operative trauma for patients and slow healing.

Nathan Bates has mentioned that previously they performed lobectomies and lymph node removal for treating lung cancer. He added that robotic technology has enabled them to offer a less-invasive method.

The surgeons have mentioned that the major feature of the da Vinci robot is its dexterity to operate inside the human body. The wrists of the robot hold the surgical devices. These tools can incise, stitch and get rid of the inner tissue via minor incisions.


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