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KUNA Artificial Intelligence Platform Features First Ever Vehicle Recognition Technology

Kuna Systems, a smart home security services company, today launches Kuna AI, an artificial intelligence platform available for Kuna Powered devices.

Kuna AI combines necessary security features with artificial intelligence, to enable its smart security lights to evaluate and identify movement and objects outside of the home to make educated decisions. The inaugural feature is a first-of-its-kind vehicle recognition technology, which can identify the color, make and model of a vehicle in less than a second.

Kuna AI performs this vehicle recognition through a sophisticated neural network, which is designed using deep learning and based on the human visual cortex. The technology has been trained on tens of thousands of images of vehicles and over time, it will learn to match cars to owners. For example, a black Ford Fusion means dad is home or a silver Toyota Prius means the babysitter has arrived.

This will serve as a building block for a wider range of capabilities that will enable Kuna Powered devices to function proactively in protecting homes and families. In the future, Kuna AI's recognition will advance to not only identify the color, make and model of a vehicle, but a specific vehicle, such as a delivery truck or emergency vehicle.

"Home security systems currently rely on homeowners as the 'intelligence,' to determine suspicious activity and then take action to call the authorities," said Haomiao Huang, CTO and co-founder of Kuna Systems. "Kuna AI goes beyond simple motion detection to vehicle recognition that emulates the way a human brain works. We're enabling home security systems that ease the decision-making process for homeowners, so they have peace of mind that their families and homes are safer than ever before."

Additionally, this technology could allow homeowners or neighborhood watch groups to identify suspicious vehicles that have been seen circling the neighborhood or regularly driving past the home. Users can pull up all instances of the vehicle passing by the home and assign a reaction, i.e. immediately triggering a siren when the vehicle drives by or even sending the footage to the police.

To further enhance Kuna AI, Kuna will also be working within UC Berkeley's RISE Lab. The collaboration with RISE Lab is a joint effort to push Kuna's boundaries in artificial intelligence and vision recognition, while still achieving quick and accurate results.

"We are very excited to be collaborating with Kuna on the creation of an open-source prediction serving platform," said Professor Joseph E. Gonzalez, a founding member of the new UC Berkeley RISE Lab, studying the design of real-time, intelligent, and secure systems to deliver the next generation of AI technologies. "Kuna has substantial expertise in deploying state-of-the-art AI technologies in real time settings with strong security requirements. This collaboration helps us ground cutting edge academic research in real world applications."

The current iteration of Kuna AI is now available to 'Absolute Control' premium plan subscribers with a full feature roll out to all Absolute Control subscribers this summer, and wide availability to all Kuna premium plan subscribers this fall. Kuna AI is integrated with all Kuna Powered devices, including Maximus SSL and Toucan.


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