Advantech Industrial Automation Releases APAX-5072

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has released APAX-5072, an Ethernet IP communication coupler certified by the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA).

APAX-5072 Coupler

The APAX-5072 can be combined with any Ethernet IP master to develop a competent Ethernet IP remote I/O solution.

The high-density APAX-5072 coupler includes two RJ-45 ports featuring similar IP addresses for developing daisy chains. This feature enables users to directly link remote I/O devices, eliminating the requirement of a supplementary Ethernet switch. The coupler also offers dynamic configuration for including several categories and ranges of channels in a single module.

In addition, APAX’s sophisticated features like adaptability, expandability and functionality of hot swap enables the linking of analog or digital I/O modules for developing remote I/O systems. This helps to meet the requirements of the PLC or control application.

The APAX-5072 features superior linking ability and any Ethernet IP master including the ABB PLC can be linked with the coupler. This feature enables users to develop low-cost Ethernet IP remote I/O systems.


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