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AUTONOM CAB Offers a Sustainable and Modern Mobility Solution

On 7 November 2017, NAVYA lunched AUTONOM CAB, an exceptional response to the new challenges of mobility in the city center, developing a real revolution in the urban mobility market. Autonomous, shared and personalized, this one of a kind mobility solution is capable of responding to the problems experienced by city residents when traveling into the city.

Credit: NAVYA

At the heart of developing smart cities, the 100% electric vehicle AUTONOM CAB provides a smart transport service for trips within the city center. AUTONOM CAB has been designed from the outset to be autonomous, just like all vehicles in the range AUTONOM, meaning without cockpit, without pedals and steering wheel. Capable of carrying up to 1 – 6 passengers, AUTONOM CAB is a fluid, efficient and continuous transport solution.

“Imagine cities where only AUTONOMS will circulate: no more traffic jams or parking problems, less accidents, less pollution …. At the cutting edge of technology, AUTONOM CAB is a revolution of uses and technologies, allowing the greatest number to have access to completely new mobility solutions”

Christophe Sapet, President of NAVYA

In the short term, AUTONOM CAB will be able to offer a whole universe of services to provide freedom to mobility. Thanks to NAVYA APP, the dedicated mobile application, users can now open or close the door to start the vehicle with just a single click. AUTONOM CAB is capable of anticipating traffic jams to enable users to be on time, even in the event of unexpected events. Its average speed of 50 km/h permits it to incorporate naturally into the flow of traffic, but it can travel up to 90 km/h.

A communicating design

Recognized by its rounded design, AUTONOM CAB takes on a line that is both robust and modern. AUTONOM CAB, on the outside, has a multi-colored light strip that permits it to communicate with users and also pedestrians.

Inside, its glass cabin provides travelers a panoramic view on the city.

Deployment partners

NAVYA has already signed various partnership agreements with KEOLIS for Europe and the United States, and with the ROYAL AUTOMOTIVE CLUB (RAC WA), for Australia. Other partners are likely to be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas.

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