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ABB Robotics Extends Functionality of IRC5 Compact Controller

ABB Robotics has included the functionality of IRC5 Compact Controller in IRB 120, IRB 140, IRB 260, IRB 360 FlexPicker, IRB 1410 and IRB 1600 robot series. It provides several benefits like minimum controller footprint and easier commissioning of several applications.

IRC5 Compact Controller

The IRC5 Compact complies with the default panel ascended IRC-5 controllers, offering similar latest functionality in a movable type. Its features include robust interaction abilities, easy FlexPendant programming, high-end movement control and adaptable RAPID language.

The IRC5 Compact Controller functionality will be often included with ABB’s articulated 6-axis robots like IRB 140, IRB 1410 and IRB 1600. The IRB 1410 is specially developed for robotic arc welding tasks. The IRB 1600 and IRB 140 play a major role in material dealing, arc welding and machine tending operations. The IRC5 Compact is ideal for limited workspace and the 4-axis IRB 260 robot is deployed for packaging applications.

Joe Campbell, Vice President of ABB Robot Products Group in the US, has stated that their peripheral users and system integrators have been requesting ABB to widen the availability of IRC5 Compact on a broader series of robots. He added that the IRC5 features maximum cabinet distinctions, offering several controller options to their lower level of robot clients for enabling them to cope with their system needs and explicit applications.

In addition, the IRC5 Compact controller facilitates easy commissioning via single-phase power input, peripheral connectors for all signals and also an incorporated, scalable 16 in, 16 out I/O system. By supporting the utilization of RobotStudio, the controller enables offline programming and remote servicing for online condition supervising. This helps developers and integrators not only to enhance the layout of their cell but also to avoid idle time and manufacture setbacks.


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