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Life Storage Unveils First-Ever AI-Powered Smart Storage Smart Bot

Life Storage, Inc. announced today a cutting-edge solution to one of life's biggest stressors: moving. The national self-storage company unveiled the next generation of self-storage technology with AI-powered "Howie," the first-ever Smart Storage Smart Bot.

The company's fleet of compact and powerful moving assistants will be offered as an optional amenity to a storage unit rental. A Howie Smart Storage Smart Bot serves as an on-demand self-storage valet and moving companion, standing by until called by the customer via a mobile app. Leveraging a built-in AI, voice and face recognition, navigation systems and Advanced Packaging Analytics, Howie will navigate to a customer's home to box up and transport belongings to and from the customer's storage unit.

"At Life Storage, we know how stressful the entire moving process can be. While we are experts at keeping your most precious belongings safer and more secure, no company has developed a cost-effective solution for moving day that puts you in control - until now," said Ryan DiMillo, a representative for Life Storage. "With Howie, the first-ever Smart Storage Smart Bot™, the days of overpaying and waiting for hours at the mercy of your movers are a thing of the past. We are excited to make moving day easier for families across the country."

Capable of carrying a maximum load of 180 lbs., Howie's two quad-core 2.9 GHz processors rest within his base and are protected by a 600# heavy-duty, double-wall (82 ECT) corrugated box. To grab and transport objects with ease, his 'hands' are opened and closed via elastic actuators in his torso.

Howie's all-terrain, zero-degree turn, anodized aluminum tank base ensures mobility across any terrain, and his 3.7-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery supplies enough power for one hour on the move.

In addition to transporting objects, Howie's state-of-the-art surveillance technology - HowieVision - allows customers to live stream their storage unit 24/7 in crystal-clear 1080p HD video at 60 fps.

Starting May 31st, 2018, Life Storage customers across the country can rent their own Howie for an additional $199 a month.


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