Hidaya Aliouche

Hidaya Aliouche

Feature Writer

B.Sc. Biochemistry

Hidaya is a science communications enthusiast who has recently graduated and is embarking on a career in the science and medical copywriting. She has a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from The University of Manchester. Although only just tentatively stepping into the world of science communication, Hidaya has written articles for the Biological Science Review and The Biochemist Blog.

Her communication efforts have expanded outside of written formats; as an amateur illustrator, she has produced two YouTube Videos for the Immunology Group and the Faculty of Biology, Medicine, and Health at the University of Manchester that provide a visual means for understanding two diverse biological concepts.

She aspires to challenge and dispel the misconceptions that exist in science through thoughtful and articulate language that is tailored to her readers. Her interests are diverse; she enjoys keeping abreast of the latest developments in types of analytical methods employed across several scientific disciplines but is also fascinated by niche areas of research.

The microbial world is one such enigma; propelled by the work in her final year project, Hidaya has come to know about their enormous potential - from the diverse functions they fulfill in our bodies, sculpting our physiology and behavior - to the processes that they enact in every aspect of our environment. She stays hot on the heels of the research concerned with attempts to harness microbial power to create novel therapeutic solutions.

During her studies, she volunteered as an exhibition guide at her local science museum, where she communicated science to a range of visitors, including young children in a dynamic manner. Through this and her ongoing work as a tutor, she realized that communicating science through a variety of mediums is an avid interest of hers.

That passion, combined with her love of teaching, will send her to the UAE in January where she hopes to put some of the skills she has developed as a tutor to good use in the classroom. She hopes to inspire her students to immerse themselves in the scientific world and marvel at the real-world applications of science that have propelled our advancement into the present day as we know it!

In her free time, Hidaya likes to run, bake and scribble away on expensive sketchbooks. Principally, though, she loves to write about science, something she is thrilled to indulge through her work with News Medical.

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