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R Series Welding Robot from Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc

Kawasaki's R Series line of light to medium duty robots are setting the benchmark for all other robots in their class. With industry leading speed, reach, work envelope and quality, the R-Series Robots are unmatched.The new light-weight arm combined with high-output high-revolution motors, provides industry leading acceleration and high-speed operation. The acceleration rate automatically adjusts to suit the payload and robot posture to deliver optimum performance and the shortest cycle times.In addition to extending the robot's maximum reach, the rotation range of each axis has also been increased, The extended motion range translates to a larger usable work area with minimal dead- space and greater flexibility.High-output servo motors combined with a rigid arm construction, allow for superior wrist torque and load capacity.


  • RTi-2000 Robot.
  • 2-Position Rotary Table (approx. 3.5 sec.)
  • (2) Tooling Mounting Plates
  • Payload Capacity 1,100 lbs. (per side)

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