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KRE series Manipulators from Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.

The KRE series is specifically designed for high performance painting and spray finishing in hazardous work environments with features that are easy-to-use for customers and easy-to-customize with system integrators.

  • Full line-up of robot manipulators with payload of 6kg, l2kg and 30kg.
  • Easy teaching and/or programming of painting and spray finishing applications by using the databank functions.
  • Easy maintenance supported by the robot self-diagnosis function.
  • Various and wide selection of peripheral equipment and adequate corresponding I/O.
  • Management data recording for production control.
  • Perfect conveyor tracking using a pulse synchronization.

These impressive features make the KRE series high performance, reliable and effective spray painting robots that meet your most demanding improvement projects in your painting and spray finishing process on the manufacturing line as well as the integrator’s real ability of easy customization.

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