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Spot Welding Robots from Nachi Robotic Systems Inc

Nachi's ST Fast Series (ST133F, ST166F, and ST210F) and ST Slim Series (ST70L and ST100) have an improved cable management system (CMS) that eliminates cable wear problems while expanding the usable range-of-motion. Power and communication cables as well as water and air hoses are completely contained within the CMS.  Neat packaging of all utilities eliminates the risk of them getting caught on peripheral equipment.  This advantage allows very accurate offline programming as the robot dress geometry is standard.

The ST "Slim" Series robots (ST70L and ST100) were designed with an advanced space-saving concept making them ideal for  compact systems or high-density, multi-layered installations.

  • SF Fast Series
  • ST SLIM Series
  • SC Heavyweight Series

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