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MR Series Robots from Nachi Robotic Systems Inc.

The MR Series Robots feature a unique 7-axis design and can support up to a 50kg payload.  MR Series Robots are available in 20kg, 35kg, and 50kg payload capacities. The unique 7th axis design allows the robot to closely emulate the motions of a human arm enabling it to perform more complicated work processes in constricted work areas. Cooperative motion allows multiple arms to work together for assembly processes or increased payload capacity.

Benefits and Features

  • Compact design has a powerful arm
    Wrist torque 1.5 times greater than that of comparable-sized robots
  • Arm design avoids singularity by providing multiple posture solutions for the same working TCP
  • MR20 Reach: 1260mm
  • MR35 / MR50 : 2050mm
  • +/-0.1mm repeatability
  • Arm can be floor or invert (ceiling) mounted
  • MR20: IP65 compliant
  • MR35 / MR50: IP67 compliant
  • Supports slides, tooling, and positioners

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