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Welding Robots from Weldomat

Dedicated machines are suited to both high-volume production runs where the part is completed in multiple stages and to job shop small volume runs with fast changeover. A dedicated machine is easily integrated into the production process.Adaptable models are suited to lower-volume runs where the changeover time is a critical cost factor. The higher initial cost of an adaptable model is offset by the ability to change runs in a matter of minutes.Modular automated welding/assembly lines are suited to the manufacturer with a requirement to carry out several steps efficiently to consistently high quality.In addition, the welding controller monitors current profile, weld pressure, displacement and welding time to ensure a perfect weld each time, every time.

Automated welding equipment for small to medium parts are available as:

  • Dedicated models
  • Bench models
  • Adaptable models
  • Modular automated welding and assembly lines

Other Equipment