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Air/Hydralic Actuator from MICO, Incorporated

Combining the speed of air operation with the control and high force of fluid can result in an deal circuit.Air/Hydraulic Actuators are the combination of a fluid actuator and an air chamber. The air chamber is used to convert low air pressure to high hydraulic pressure.There are three types of MICO Air/Hydraulic Actuators to choose from; the Master Cylinder Type, the Stem Seal Master Cylinder Type with Integral Reservoir and the Straight Bore Actuator Type for use with a remote reservoir.

  • Available with or without internal residual check valve
  • Incorporates a conventional master cylinder
  • Produces high hydraulic pressures
  • Available for industrial and mobile applications
  • Available with air chamber sizes of 12 or 16 square inches
  • Effective hydraulic displacement of 23.0 cm3 (1.4 in3)
  • Sealed diaphragm fluid reservoir

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