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Gantry Cranes from PAR Systems

Ederer overhead gantry cranes are a variant of the bridge crane design, with legs. However, gantry cranes have their own characteristics and a similarly wide range of applications, principally outdoors. Ederer has delivered gantry cranes of capacity as high as 700 tons, and spans ranging up to 320 feet. In early 2007 Ederer will set a new capacity delivery record with supply of a 5100 ton capacity gantry crane for use at a Dam on a River. At 140 foot span and 100 foot clear height, this gantry weighs approximately 2000 tons, and will therefore be the heaviest bridge crane structure ever supplied by Ederer.

The most impressive spans (especially considering their speeds) are Ederer's 25 to 45 ton capacity yarding gantry cranes, which are in use handling logs, steel and containers in North America and internationally. Spans for these installations range from 130 to 200 feet, and the cranes' cantilevers allow coverage of yard widths over 300 feet. These long-span cranes are also among our fastest, with travel speeds of 325 FPM to 600 FPM. One of our 200 foot span machines with a 320 foot long girder weighs over 1,000,000 pounds and travels at 600 FPM using 480 HP.

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