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Telerobotic Manipulator System from PaR Systems, Inc.

The TR® Telerobotic Manipulator System provides operators with intuitive remote control of motion and payload in hazardous environments. Advanced controls and payload capability up to 400 pounds (181 kg), provide adaptability to deploy processes ranging from traditional hot cell remote handling to automated adaptive control welding of spent fuel storage canisters. The TR® manipulator is inherently radiation resistant and ready for explosive, corrosive, and other difficult operational environments. The TR® is deployable by overhead or wall mounted transporters with vertical telescoping and fixed masts, cranes, pedestals or by vehicle. PaR Systems offers a patented through wall docking station that enables installation of TR® manipulators through existing Master Slave Manipulator ports without facility modification or additional shielding.

PaR Systems automates hazardous handling with its TR® telerobotic manipulator system. The TR® provides programmability and repeatable operation. We also provide application programming services or assist users in developing their own applications.

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