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Machine Vision Cameras from Soliton

Machine vision cameras perform the function of capturing an image and transferring it in real-time to an external processor (typically a PC) for image processing. These cameras have many specialized features that make them suitable for industrial inspection like triggered image acquisition, software control of all the camera settings for image acquisition, industry standard interface for image transfer to the PC, rugged mounting provisions, and tested for operation in industrial environments.

Soliton has developed machine vision cameras with all of the major technologies used in the industry - CCD and CMOS sensors, Line Scan and Area Scan image formats, Color and Monochrome outputs, and Camera Link and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) interfaces.

Soliton also provides the complete set of hardware devices and software drivers and tools needed for the user to directly start the development of their application. We also provide training to ensure that our customers are successful with their projects using Soliton's machine vision cameras.

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