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Welding Robots from Robotic Engineering

Welding robot cells mostly commonly are our standard unit in three different sizes.Twin Indexer end charger unit used for scaffolding components.MIG Welding,Spot Welding Tig and Plasma Welding Plasma Cutting.The key to competetive manufacturing lies with cutting the fat out of manufacturing processes and minimizing work-in-process. That is, eliminating processes that add no value to the product and building into processes the flexibility to change from one part or process to another in the least amount of time.

  • Flexible Weld Cell 250 - FWC 250 1.2mtr x 2.0mtr
  • Flexible Weld Cell 500 - FWC 500 1.8mtr x 2.5mtr
  • Flexible Weld Cell 1000 - FWC 1000 3.0mtr x 3.0mtr

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