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PrecisePlace Cartesian Robots from Precise Automation

The PrecisePlace series of Cartesian robots are intended for light payload material handling and assembly applications in the life sciences, medical products, semiconductor, electronics, and automotive industries.


  • Fast and Easy Set Up: This robot comes out of the box fully assembled. Just plug it into an AC outlet and an Ethernet port and it’s ready to work. The controller, harness and pneumatic lines are all built into the robot, so there is no controller integration required, no harnesses to purchase or to thread, and no extra controller cabinet. This results in much less setup time and a much smaller equipment footprint.
  • Innovated, Low Cost Design: All robots include the powerful, low-cost Guidance Controller embedded within the robot structure. The X & Y axes also feature novel direct-drive systems (U.S. Patent 7,343,684) with brushless DC motors that yield ultra smooth, quiet motion at a low price. The zero-backlash, zero-cogging drive requires no maintenance and has far fewer parts than other designs that incorporate belts, cables, ball screws, etc. Linear encoders provide up to 0.001mm resolution and an optional vision system allows these robots to achieve placement accuracies at the full resolution of the encoders.
  • Variety of Sizes and Configurations: The PrecisePlace is available in three-axis (PrecisePlace 2300) or four-axis (PrecisePlace 2400) Cartesian configurations with a variety of different axis lengths. Thus, they are scalable to fit right into your work cell.

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