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LOE Web-Enabled Ultrasonic Level Sensors from APG

The LOE series sensors provide a tailored solution to the monitoring of local and remote tanks. LOE series sensors use ltrasonic technology to provide a non-contact method of detecting level, presence/absence, volume, and distance measurements. Model numbers dictate different detection ranges. The sensor readings are uploaded to a database via network connection to the internet. The level information can be viewed from any computer that has access to the internet via a password protected web page.

The sensor and/or the webserver can be programmed to trigger the website to send out an e-mail, text message or both when a predetermined level is reached. The two internal relays can be programmed to control pumps or activate local alarms. The sensor parameters and settings can be changed via the sensor’s internal web page, which is accessed by simply entering the sensor’s IP address into the address bar of any internet browser on any computer connected to the same network. The internal web page also displays the level or volume information, turning any computer on the network into a potential remote tank display/monitor.

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