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Gantry Robots from American Robot Corporation

The Gantry 3000 robot is a modular gantry style robot with three to six axes of motion. It has payloads of up to 300 pounds, maximum velocity of 60"/second, and maximum acceleration of 386 in/sec2.


  • Multi-bridge configurations offer decreased cycle times and increased performance at reduced system cost.
  • Auto Calibration assures accurate, consistent calibration.
  • Large drive access areas make routine maintenance fast and simple.
  • Compact 3-axis wrist features multi-turn rotation to reach into the tightest corners and execute the most complex patterns.
  • Custom-designed end effectors meet specific application process and material requirements.
  • Broad range of standard configurations varyingfrom 6’x4’x2’ upto 20’x12’x2’ meet exact application and space requirements. Custom configurations are also available.
  • Fail-safe brakes on all axes (including the wrist) safeguard against damage to equipment in case of emergency or power failure.
  • Covers on all linear bearings and racks resist contamination from harsh factory environments.
  • TENV (Totally Enclosed, Non- Ventilated) construction protects motors from damaging dust and dirt intrusion.
  • Heavy-duty steel tube construction and rack and pinion drives provide durability as well as high acceleration, speed and precision.


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