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Turbo Cutting Robot from IMS Robotics GmbH

The IMS Turbo cutting robot is a combination of cutting head and carriage is able for cutting and lateral repair in diameters DN 200 up to 600. The cutting motor is very powerful and can eliminate tough deposits. The cutting head guaranteed deep cuts and is extendable with a 100 mm tool. The swivel arm can arrive the cutting spot very exactly. For controlling of cutting works the cutter has own colour camera with wipers. Optionally water nozzles can clean during the works. The universal carriage is able to repair laterals together with our Multisan Repair System, as welL The especially arm for stabilisat ion is provided good attributes for driving and traction. The universal controlling unit move the robot. A handy cable drum deposit 100 m long and tough supply hose.

Technical Specifications

  • Working sections : pipes with diameters NW 200 —600
  • Performance : tool diameter max.. 120 mm for concrete
  • Swivel area 4th axle (optionally): ca. 90°
  • Range swivel arm : ca. 400 mm
  • Turn area: ca. 400°
  • Carriage speed : ca. 8 m 1mm
  • Supply connection electrical: 230 V -i-/- 1 % / 50 Hz / 6 A
  • Supply connection pneumatic: approx. 3,0 m3/min, 8-10 bar input pressure, air max. 40°C, dry, cleaned

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