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Micro Cutting Robot from IMS Robotics GmbH.

The IMS MICRO-Cutter is a device for use in pipes with a nominal diameter of 80 to 150mm (optional to 200mm). The small outer diameter of only 70mm and the short rigid lengths of the components allow an excellent access through arches. 67° arches can be accessed from DN 100 onwards.

The IMS MICRO-Cutter allows the opening of sanitised domestic supply and sewage pipes. Preparatory work such as the mortising of roots and similar operations can also be carried out. The device can also be used for gas, potable water and downpipes.The mortising operation is carried out under the constant surveillance of the operator with the help of the integrated camera. The mortiser is also equipped with two infinitely variable halogen headlights. The device is completely protected against penetrating water and filled with nitrogen. All control elements including the monitor are contained in a suitcase.

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