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There are some laser robots on the market, but the unique combination of laser and robot you will find only at ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY. This combination is the ideal tool for processing of plastic and metal parts.

Further details and information please find on the following pages. One main product of Robot Technology is the ROBOCUT laser cutting robot, which is based on either the ABB or Kuka robot.

Our laser robot ROBOCUT is the optimal system for application in plastics industry. Shaping application can be realised process-proven and economically by the special robot design and the integration of a CO2-laser into the robot. The basis for our ROBOCUT is an ABB robot IRB 4400, on which we mount our patented laser axis.

The main range of application of the laser robot is cutting of plastic parts in the automotive industry, like e. g. pillar moldings, door moldings, trunk moldings and outer panels. Nearly all kinds of plastics, like e. g. PP, PE, ABS-PC, perspex, TPO-foils, PVC and fabrics can be cut with best quality and high speed. Also material combinations are most suitable for laser cutting. The unobtained flexibility of laser cutting offers you new possibilities to shape your parts.

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