Dual Head Forming Machines from MLS Systems

FELDMANN has evolved the clamp-then-form method to satisfy the most stringent sheet metal bending and forming requirements in their Dual Head forming machines.

A sheet metal blank is inserted in the machine and positioned against the gauging system, manually or automatically.

When the machine is cycled, one or more pneumatic heads lowers to clamp the sheet metal blank in position against the bottom die. A beam with tooling then pivots upward forming the sheet metal around the open die.

Since the operator's hands do not touch or hold the material at any time throughout the bending cycle, the result is consistent and accurate parts throughout the production run.

The clamp-and-form method of bending and forming sheet metal is implemented in a variety of machines designed and built by FELDMANN. Dual Head, Sequence Bender or Line Bender machines are usually specified, although a Fixture or Special Machine may be designed to fit the application.

The Dual Head is unsurpassed in fabrication of individual wrappers, box sections, and U-shaped parts. The Dual Head is especially suited for forming a family of parts with minimum changeover time.

The standard Dual Head machine is designed with two heads. One head may be fixed with the second head adjustable to vary the width of bends, both heads may be fixed for stationary widths, or both heads adjustable, depending on the application. This adjustment can be manual, semi-automatic, or even servo mechanism controlled.

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