Expanded Metal Rollforming from Samco Machinery Ltd.

Samco offers a complete line of Industrial Level rollforming lines for expanded metal trim and plaster products. If you are looking for Junior Diamond Mesh Lath, or 7-Rib Riblath products, Samco’s production lines are the fastest in the world. Each line comes complete with its own automated packaging machines so that you can literally go from a coil of steel to a packaged truckload bundle without the touch of a human hand. Many of the Plaster Trim products such as cornerite, striplath, expanded flange cornerbead, expanded J-Trim, #66 Casing Bead and other products are all designed with Rapid Change rollforming equipment so you can easily change from product to product with ease. Some of these lines use a high speed stamping press and some products use a set of rotary knives.

Other Equipment