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AII-V20 Arc Welding Robot from OTC DAIHEN, Inc.

The AII-V20 is largest dedicated arc welding robot, with a maximum payload of up to 20kg (44.1 lbs.). This unique trait allows the AII-V20 to be used in both arc welding and material handling applications.

The AII series robots are powered by the new AX21 controller, which features improved resistance to heat and dust, improved reliability in global environments, improved reliability and maintainability, increased sampling frequency for higher detection accuracy, and more.


  • Structure Vertical articulated type
  • Number of Axes 6
  • Max. Payload Capacity 20 kg (44.1 lb.)
  • Positional Repeatability ± 0.07 mm (± 0.003 in)
  • Drive System AC Servo Motor
  • Drive Capacity 5600 W
  • Position Feedback Absolute Encoder


  • New built-in shock sensor in welding torch provides a liner clamping mechanism to reduce deviation of wire position caused by changes in the robot's posture.
  • Improved maintainability allows the robots to be greased while the torch is mounted.
  • Slim arm width - the width of the upper arm has been reduced to ease interference in tight spaces.
  • Improved Dustproof and Waterproof Design Equivalent to IP54 (5/6 axes)
  • Useful for both Arc Welding and Material Handling applications
  • Quick communication with other components via CAN communication
  • Advanced PLC Functions

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