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MICROTIG DC TIG Welding Machines from OTC DAIHEN, Inc

The MICROTIG is the solution for very thin-plate TIG applications, capable of maintaining a stable arc at 1 amp. The MICROTIG has three modes of welding - High Frequency, High Pulse, and Low Pulse, each of which is suitable to meet any detailed welder's needs

Product Features:
  • CV GMAW 350 amps @ 60% duty cycle
  • Improved Instant Arc Starts (INSTART control system) even at 1 Amp
  • Includes three weld modes: High Frequency Pulse, High Pulse, and Low Pulse
  • Perfect Arc Stability
  • Welds even very thin plates (0.1mm)
  • Perfect Weld Quality for thin plate, different plate thickness, and joints with gaps
  • Spot-timer included
  • Caution detection lamps for overload and temperature rise
  • Easy maintenance

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