EH130 High-Production Material Handling Robot from Yaskawa Motoman America, Inc.

The EH130 robot sets a new standard for speed with a large robot. The EH130 will increase the productivity of your factory with a nearly 22% increase in speed when compared to a 165-kg robot.

This robot was designed for high production in machine tending or other material handling applications. The robot has a 130 kg (286.7 lbs) payload, 3,372 mm (132.8") vertical reach, 2,651 mm (104.4") horizontal reach, and ±0.2 mm (±0.008") repeatability. The large work envelope allows tools to be stored behind the robot, allowing better clearance for maintenance.

The standard EH130 robot is floor-mounted. It can be used in a dual-robot configuration with other EH or HP robots to provide maximum flexibility for a variety of processes.

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