ES Control System from ATM Automation

With the ATM ES Control System the plastics moulding industry now has the level of sophistication in robot control which is essential for improving quality, consistency and throughput. ATM Automation, the leading and largest UK manufacturer of de-mould robots, is working closely with plastics moulders to solve their automation problems. This has led directly to the development of the ES Control System, a cost effective solution that is well in advance of any system in current use.

Developed by ATM’s own team of engineers, the ES Control System offers full simulation facilities, substantial time savings in programming, greater scope for integrating and controlling down-stream ancillary processes and a user-friendly fault diagnostic facility. Three electrically driven axes, AC brake induction motors, a full positioning loop, full teach programmability, unlimited program storage, multiple palletising routines, parallel programming, link with quality control on the moulding machine, programmable ‘no go’ areas, an optional modern facility and an integrated control system, off-line programmable pendant, PC based control, a pictorial simulation of robot movement on pendant, enhanced diagnostics with help menus and can-bus communication. Complementing the ES range is the AC servo drive system for even higher speeds and positional accuracy.

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