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Autonomous Surveillance System from Gridbots Technologies Private Limited

Gribots introduces - Gridsurv - An Intelligent autonomous surveillance system with video search.


  • Intelligent Video Content Analysis:gridSURV uses state of art realtime video content analysis algorithms which provides realtime alerts against threats.
  • Sound Analysis:Gridsurv uses state of art sound and voice analysis software to identify and classify unnecessary voices and sounds in real time.
  • Smart Storage:With gridSURV intelligent recording capabilities you can record upto 100 times more than traditional DVR's.
  • Expandability: Connect upto 1 to 16 camera units of any type.
  • Storage Flexibility: Now store videos from 500GB to 10 TB - Online or Offline.
  • Universal Monitoring:Monitor and control gridSURV via Web browser,Mobile or desktop applications seamlessly.
  • Video content Search:Search videos like text files using our award winning algorithms.
  • Auto Day/Night mode:Automatic day night switching modes.
  • Automatic Recording:System can be configured to detect events and start video recording.
  • Automatic Health Monitoring:System automatically checks its health and warns user in case of need.
  • Networking Mode:Connect any number of gridSURV units together using fast ethernet interfaces.
  • Camera theft and Tampering Detection:gridSURV can automatically detect tampering or theft of its camera units and notifies user in real time.

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