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OFRO Surveillance Robotics from Quadratec Limited

OFRO is the first mobile security robot in the World aimed at outdoor surveillance. Deployed in large outdoor areas, OFRO protects people, goods and facilities around the clock, regardless of weather conditions. It has applications at Airports, Government Buildings, Defence Establishments, Industrial Plants and Utilities. It can also serve as a platform for carrying a wide range of sensors for detecting heat, gases, smoke, radiation levels, biological agents etc.


  • Fully Autonomous Robot
  • Computer Control via GSM or WLAN
  • 7.2 km/h Speed. Patrols for 12 hrs/day
  • All Weather Vehicle with Impact Resistant Body
  • Operating Temperature = -15C to +50C
  • Navigates through Rough Terrain using Caterpillar Tracks
  • 360 degree Rotating Head with Thermal Imaging Camera, Ultra-sonic Distance Sensors, GSM & WLAN Modules
  • Differential GPS for Position Sensing
  • Sensors Independent of Weather and Unforeseen Movement

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