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AutoCal system from Dynalog, Inc.

The AutoCal™ system offers an in-line robot calibration solution designed to quickly and automatically guarantee the performance of robotic equipment Adaptable to a wide variety of robotic applications and compatible with most robot types, the AutoCal system can detect drift or sudden changes to the robot structure itself (including joint offsets) as well as its Tool Center Point (TCP), and then automatically correct for those changes without any operator intervention. This means no “guessing” of what went wrong, no valuable time wasted reteaching robot programs, and no loss of production quality!

  • Full Re-Calibration of a “Bent” Tool (TCP x,y,z and Orientation);
  • Fast Recovery after a Robot Crash or Motor Replacement (Joint Offset Re-Mastering);
  • Constant Automatic Monitoring of the Robot’s Performance;
  • Optional Automatic Correction of Robot Temperature Variations;
  • All that, while Drastically Minimizing any Production Downtime!

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