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G1 SCARA Robots from EPSON Robots

EPSON G1 robots are the low cost, high performance leader for mini SCARA Robots.
With best in class cycle rates and motion range, G1 robots are the most powerful and
compact mini SCARAs available in the market today.

G1 Mini SCARAs provide everything you've come to expect from EPSON Robots except
they are smaller. Our 225 mm robot arms can handle many applications with large working
range requirements that other robots need 250 mm of reach to handle. G1 robots lead the
industry in footprint to workspace ratios. Imagine now being able to use a 225 mm arm
for applications that used to require a much larger 250 mm SCARA arm - What a
great saving of valuable floor space.

High rigidity construction combined with superior controls enable G1 arms to achieve industry leading speed and precision. 3-axis models allow for superior performance for press fit screw tightening and linear dispensing applications.

G1 robots are ideally suited for applications and industries which require high precision assembly of small components, demanding cycle times and compact production lines.


  • Industry Leading Precision Assembly
  • Best in Class Cycle Rates
  • Maximum Work Envelope Usage
  • Ultra Compact yet Extremely Powerful
  • Arm Lengths 175 and 225mm
  • High Rigidity Arm = Ultra High Speed
  • Robust Design for Excellent Durability
  • ISO 3 Clean & ESD Compliant Models
  • Fully Integrated Options including: Vision Guidance, .Net Connectivity, EtherNet/IP,DeviceNet, profibus, Expansion I/O and more

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