E2C251 SCARA Robots from Epson Robot

EPSON pioneered the small, ultra precision SCARA robot market back in 1998 and we've continued to focus on this market ever since. The E2C251S has an 8 micron repeatability (2 microns better than its predecessor) and we also improved cycle times by 10% (that's a .39 second cycle for the E2C251S). The E2C Robots are available in 2 basic sizes with 250mm and 350mm reaches. They are also available in cleanroom/ESD compliant and/or multi-mount configurations thus providing a large variety of solutions to meet your high precision SCARA robot application requirements. The E2C Robots are ideal for applications such as fiber optics component assembly, hard disk assembly, semiconductor die handling and other automation jobs where parts are small and space is at a premium. The E2C251 and E2C351 Robots continue the role of their predecessors in defining a whole new class of SCARA robots and providing a small footprint solution for many applications that don't require larger robots.

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