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Occubot Measurement Robotics from KUKA Roboter GmbH.

The measuring system provides six measurement dimensions for forces and torques and ensures absolute accuracy. This provides the user with data about the actual forces and torques being exerted on the contact surface between the dummy and the seat. To adapt the overall system to a different seat, it is merely necessary to redefine the Base coordinate system.


  • Continuous adaptation of the forces and torques (every cycle) according to the degree of wear on the test object.
  • Simple parameterization via special interfaces for endurance testing of all kinds.
  • Ethernet interface to an external data acquisition system for saving all relevant test data required for advanced analysis and test logging (optional).
  • Many other process-specific features, such as an editor for simple definition of the Base coordinate system, “Search and Hold” function for constant forces, static load compensation, programmable test stops, and processing of multiple test objects, etc.

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