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Tropel Flat Master Measurement Robotics from LDB Corporation.

The Tropel FlatMaster provides industry leading performance of surface form measurements for precision component manufacturers world wide. This non-contact optical technique records the entire surface in seconds! The Flat Master rapidly and accurately measures flatness, line profile, spherical radius and other surface parameters from a wide variety of surfaces.

Several standard versions of the Flat Master are available to optimize the accuracy over different component size ranges. Three basic sizes are available; 40, 100 and 200, to accommodate part sizes of 40 mm, 100 mm and 200 mm respectively. Industrial (pictured) and simi-conductor specific configurations are available. Customizing is available to achieve your specific performance requirements, whether it is for increasing dynamic range, accuracy, or to include component handling features.

Adding a Flat Master to your shop floor, or wafer clean room, can significantly improve your process, yield, and productivity using full form measurements with unprecedented speed, accuracy and throughput!

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