Easy Arm Series from Bansoek Precision Ind,Co., Ltd.

A EASYARM Series of high-power industrial robots introduced for high volume and large area dispensing applications requiring greater flexibility for automated manufacturing environments, including convey ors and work cells.

Closed-loop, servo motors and ball screw drives control a rugged series of multiple axes.All axes interpolate to provide a continuous path dispensing operation on any subject.


  • Dots, Lines, arcs and circles
  • Gaskets, potting, filling and shielding
  • Resolution 0.Olmm(10 micrns)
  • Repeatability 0,02mm
  • Step & repeat copy functions
  • Automatic offset calculations
  • 100 programs, 3000 points per program
  • Fast, accurate and reliable 24 hours a day


  • Digital servo controlled ball screw drives
  • Multiple I/O communications for machinery
    and conveyor integration
  • Longer Z axis travel and higher payloads
  • Three and four axis models
  • Teach pendant and PC programming

Other Equipment